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February 21, 2018

It is with great sadness we have to close our Ten Thousand Villages store.  For 13 years the store has been the physical manifestation of our commitment to alternative trade, equitable use of resources, fair wages for workers in the developing world, safe working conditions and dignity for all.

During the operation of the store our sales were almost $1.8 million, helping many our of poverty, educating children, and empowering women.  The far reaching and future effects of the work we have been a part of will help make this world more humane, and bring positive change to our artisans.

We hope you will continues to support fair trade by purchasing these products in your local grocery store, online at and other fair trade sites.

Thank you Windsor for your support.

Stay tuned for our next projects

January 23, 2017

The Global Resource Centre operates a non-profit Fair Trade store, Ten Thousand Villages. 

A lot of people like to start off the new year making a lot of changes;
diet, home, etc. For those itching to change their decor/buy a new
place/ revamp. This article might be helpful. It lists several
ethical home decor brands (including Ten Thousand Villages). It is a US
website, so they do put our sister American-based HQ as Pennsylvania. Ten Thousand Villages Canada is based in New Hamburg, Ontario.  Visit to find stores in Canada, or visit our store, of course at 624 Chilver Road, Windsor, Ontario N8Y 2K2.



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